Twin Oaks Landscaping plow trucks
Twin Oaks Landscaping plow trucks

Commercial Winter Services

We offer commercial snow and ice removal services for Roscommon and Higgins Lake area. If you’re interested in regular service for a residence, contact Twin Oaks to discuss our policies for residential snow and ice removal.

  • Winter plant protection
  • Snow plowing and salting
  • Sidewalk maintenance

Snow Removal Equipment

We have the equipment to handle snow removal for any size parking lot, and any range of snow fall.

Front loaders

Front loaders

Salt trucks

Dump trucks

How It Works

When you hire Twin Oaks to handle the snow and ice removal for your commercial parking lot, our service follows these guidelines:

  • During and/or immediately after snow fall, our team of trucks will clear your lot.
  • Unless snowfall is heavy during the day, we clear the lot before or after opening hours of your facility. 
  • Frequency of visits are based on snowfall: It’s at the customer’s descretion  or per the individual contract how often you’d like to visit based on the amount of snowfall. (our trucks are given the go-ahead to clear).
  • You may call to schedule a visit from our snow and ice team if you want additional salting or clearing done in between snow falls.
  • We bill per visit, not a flat season rate.

Snow Removal Equipment

Local Lots We Serve

Email us to request a list of the local commercial parking lots we service.

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Twin Oaks is a licensed and insured landscaping company offering a variety of residential and commercial services. Call or email us to schedule your free consultation and estimate.

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